Addressing the public about my brother Chris' death continues to be a powerful asset moving forward through my grief process. Your support over the years has inspired me to do more. On April 21st in the South Bay of Los Angeles we were able to proved a safe environment to honor our loved ones together outdoors in Mother Nature, and our plan is to continue to honor our siblings that have past.

Lose a sibling, gain a family. We met shaking hands, and left giving hugs.

I have never experienced honesty, truth, trust, vulnerability, courage, strength, love, supports, bravery or honor in such a manner as our sibling grief circle today. You're amazing. You inspire me. I admire you. I'm so sorry for all you're going through. I related to everything each person said today. Together we did work. The scariest and harvest work we have. Sibling grief is often overlooked and today we changed that. It felt really good doing it with you rather than on my own. Thank you for digging deep and sharing the hardest time of your life. Thank you for letting me share. I learned so much. Thank you for expelling your tools to continue your siblings life. And thanks for being real. I loved when you wanted to try surfing. That was awesome. You all did very well. It's impossible to describe how beautiful today was. It changed my life. A reminder that we can help each other in ways never imagined just be showing up, listening, and talking. I know our siblings were having a good party watching today :) I'm proud to call you family. I'm proud of you. And hey, it's true, we can use our social media platform in a bigger ways to help each other. When I made the post to begin this event, I figure one or two people may show. When 22 arrived, I was blown away. SO much love. Radical emotional come down tonight. Let's talk soon and do another one?! Thank you. 


To my fellow brother/isters who will be attending thanks for trusting me and i'm proud of you ... this is hard. Hard as it gets. But we will slowly move forward together in honor for our sibilings. And we will live again stronger than ever with their spirit as our secret weapon. I'm blown away and really humbled by everyone's help.

- A. Gray

If you can't make it to an event - don't worry, we still want you to join our private community and help each other as we continue down our grief process.


APR 21 SAT   Los Angles, CA 

MAY 19 SAT   Laguna Beach, CA

JUL 15 SAT   Santa Barbara, CA 

SEP 22 SAT    Santa Cruz, CA